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     Fencing is a sport of skill, strategy and finesse. A few centuries ago in Europe, disputes were often settled by dueling with swords. Fencing was a way for individuals to prepare for these encounters. After dueling was outlawed, fencing grew in popularity as a sport of its own. It was chosen to be included in the first modern Olympics in 1896, and has been part of the games ever since.
     The sport of fencing is fast and athletic, and performed on a 6 by 44 foot strip. The movements are so fast that touches with the weapon are scored electrically. The three weapons of fencing are the foil, the sabre, and the épée (French for "sword").


     Fencing has a rich history of chivalry and good sportsmanship. Every bout begins with a salute of respect and ends with a handshake of gratitude. It is known as a gentleman's sport.

Bobby and Johnny with their fencing teacher.

Bobby with his foil

The boys did a fencing exhibition on the Mickey Mouse Club in 1955.


Their father, Robert Crawford, Sr. was a champion fencer in Southern California.

16 Magazine - March 1964

     "I'd like to mention Bobby's main hobby of the moment -- fencing. He's become an expert with the foil, sabre and epee, is on the UCLA team and regularly winds up in the winner's circle in college meets. I'm delighted at his choice of sport, since fencing has always been a particular favorite of mine. For kicks, not too long ago, Bobby and I teamed up in a contest and walked away with the number two ribbon."

~Robert Crawford, Sr.


Newsletter - 1966

     "I don't know if you've heard, but Bobby won the Western Intercollegiate Saber Championship two months ago and was voted UCLA's "most valuable fencer." He'll be in New York to compete in the National Finals. I'm sure proud of him."

     ~Johnny Crawford


     Bobby qualified for the National Championship matches and competed in the foil match and the team sabre match in Santa Monica, CA in 1967.